At THE SWEETSHOP, we are on a journey to discover and nurture the world's most extraordinary storytellers, building brilliant careers, and pushing the boundaries of our craft. As such, our commitment to storytelling and filmmaking expands beyond commercials to embrace every type of long-form content from Branded Storytelling, Feature Films, Shorts Films, TV series and Documentaries.

As a NZ-founded company, we have also celebrated considerable success over the past 5 years within indigenous spaces, where we continue to work on our large slate of culturally diverse stories for both local and global audiences.

"New kids show BIRD'S EYE VIEW is the Ted Lasso of the bird world - Spinoff

Discover how The Sweetshop, VMLY&R and Monash University came together to produce the award winning full length feature The Endangered Generation?

The Sweetshop
The Sweetshop

THE DEFENDERS will enthral anyone with even a passing interest in how human rights & international institutions collide but, really, at the centre of it is one young man trying to live his life.