The Sweetshop is a boutique production company that provides a platform for talented directors to make the highest quality ‘creative for creatives’. We actively work to develop our directors and provide them support to further both short and long form projects. 

Now a well established global company, our reach extends across both hemispheres. Our 6 offices are defined by a unified brand voice, a culture of inspiration and decency, and a legacy of trust that delivers exceptional craft with grace and good times in every corner of the globe. 

From humble beginnings in New Zealand in 2001, we carry with us the legacy of the brand established alongside the company’s conception over two decades ago. Our ethos has always been to discover and nurture the world’s most extraordinary storytellers, to create the most highly crafted and engaging advertising and entertainment films in the world. We also put a key emphasis on taking responsibility for our impact as a company to the environment and local communities. 

The story of The Sweetshop began when three eager young New Zealanders from Auckland, brought together by their dedication to film craft, united to form their own company. The Sweetshop’s Co-Founders paths coincided when working at a production company - all masters of their own different fields, Paul Prince, Melanie Bridge and Sharlene George turned out to be the winning trifecta of established industry knowledge to launch a highly successful production company.

These days Melanie and Sharlene operate on the frontline of the company, leading the company through its evolution as Co-CEOs. Paul Prince isn’t far away either as Chairperson of the Board. Since its conception all those years ago, The Sweetshop has steadily grown in prominence and impact to become the award-winning powerhouse it is today. 

We are proud to be a product of our past before us, whilst constantly evolving the rich history of this company has led us to where we are today. This company was built by strong people with strong morals and we will continue to carry through the principles dreamed up by three young Kiwis with an idea. New Zealanders are notoriously hardy and resourceful, The Sweetshop certainly is a reflection of this archetype; once a small idea with one director, to a global operation with 34. We encourage everyone to dream big.

We did.

The Sweetshop