Why B CORP ?

24 February 2024

Written by

co CEO's Melanie Bridge & Sharlene George

When we embarked on the journey of founding The Sweetshop in 2001, our hearts swelled with a shared visiona vision where our business would be a haven for creativity, and our people. We dreamt of a company where integrity was not just an ideal but a tangible reality for everyone involved. With this hopeful idealism and the innocence of new business owners, The Sweetshop came into being.

The Sweetshop

Two decades later, despite our fervent resolve to challenge norms and enact positive change, we recognized a disheartening truth: we hadn’t.

We realised that true change needed a huge effort and a framework of accountability if it was going to happen. We realised it was time to get stuck in and re honour our core values.

True change demanded more than just intentions; it required a monumental effort and a robust framework of accountability. After much thought we chose the B Corp framework to hold us accountable to our purpose. B Corp made the most sense because certification is held in such high regard, the certification process is arduous and difficult to achieve. We knew if we made it through we would be a very different company, in the best way possible.

We proudly submitted our application in December 2023 and are hoping for full certification by mid 2024.

A key point that we initially struggled with in choosing the B Corp framework was in relation to the TVC's we produce.

How could a company involved in advertising products like alcohol and fossil fuels claim to be a 'force for good'?

It's a fair point, however as we explored deeper and deeper, we unearthed countless ways to infuse goodness into our business way beyond these realms. We learned that B Corp isn't about achieving flawlessness but embracing a continuous journey of betterment.

Our two-year journey to submit our application signifies just the beginning—a testament to our commitment to realign our business with the vision that ignited our inception. It's a testament to the myriad ways that businesses like ours can profoundly improve.

We're committed to not just leading this change but also inspiring and guiding our peers on this collective journey.

With unwavering dedication,

Mel & Shar