Sweetshop Australia welcomes a familiar face to the Sydney office

27 February 2024

The Sweetshop Australia announces the arrival of Kate Roydhouse to their leadership team as Executive Producer.

The Sweetshop

Basing herself in the Sydney office Roydhouse will be a familiar face to many in the industry as she has been working alongside Ben Dailey in the Sweetshop New Zealand office for the last 5 years. 

Making the leap across was an easy decision for Roydy, not too close, not too far, bed not too soft, porridge not too hot, just right. Says Roydhouse, “And it feels just right”

Kate’s global journey in the advertising realm has seen her work and lead teams in the UK, LA, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and of course, her home town New Zealand. With her knowledge spanning across agency and prod co’s she has an intricate understanding of the creative process. 

What truly sets Kate Roydhouse apart is her unwavering commitment to craft, a trait that has not gone unnoticed. She has been a respected jury member for prestigious awards including D&AD, LIA, Spikes, Cyclope Festival (Berlin), LBB Immortals, and Axis Awards.

Says Greg Fyson, Co-Managing Director of The Sweetshop:

"After years of begging Kate to come across to Sydney, she finally relented. I could not be happier, Kate is the best of the best. We cannot wait to get started”

Edward Pontifex, Co-Managing Director of The Sweetshop noted “After asking Kate if she would like to come over and work with me and Greg,  I was pleasantly surprised that she said yes straight away. New Zealand’s loss is very much our gain, we can’t wait for all our wonderful agencies and clients to have the opportunity to work with her, she is ace”.

In closing, Melanie Bridge, Global Co-CEO of The Sweetshop, expressed her excitement about Kate Roydhouse's new role:

"Kate leaves hard shoes to fill in the Auckland office, but we are truly thrilled to offer her this opportunity," stated Bridge. "It's a gift to provide our staff the chance to work across our global offices, and Kate brings so much to the team. I agree with Greg, Kate really is “the best of the best”."

Roydhouse's move strengthens the Australian team, setting the stage for an exciting 2024.