PHEBE Schmidt
High Five for New Fiverr Spots

24 August 2023

It seems that this creative partnership is a successful pairing, unlike some of the bizarre business ideas featured in these films.

The Sweetshop

Great things are expected to come out of brands who preach creativity. Fiverr, the world's leading online marketplace for freelance services, has teamed up with the artfully creative Phebe Schmidt to direct their latest spots with a campaign that celebrates the eccentricities of ideas.

At the core of this campaign is a celebration of big ideas and boundless creative passion, underpinned by quintessential dry Aussie Humour. Fiverr is positioned as the enthusiastic cheer squad to help bring regular Aussie dreams to fruition (no matter how far-fetched they may be).

With director Phebe Schmidt at the helm, these spots are made memorable with her knack for quirky comedy beats.

“It just so happens that dry humour is my love language." Says Phebe. "Consequently, working alongside the cast and crew to realise this concept was a bloody dream. I really wanted to push the casting into a memorable zone, seeking actors that played the absurdity straight and let the humour speak for itself. My aim was to achieve performances that were humorous without venturing into excessive goofiness”

Managing director, Edward Pontifex said, “You can really see the results of a strong and respectful collaboration between Fiverr and Phebe which is highlighted by the impressive creative output”.

“We wanted to show how Fiverr can bring absolutely any idea to life, all thanks to our incredibly talented freelancers," explained Ami Alush from Fiverr.

"We also wanted to make an ad for Wearable Tents."

Ami Alush continues, "At its heart, Fiverr is about giving people the chance to build their businesses and chase their dreams. We've seen 2023 bring about transformative changes for businesses of all sizes. With market conditions shifting rapidly, businesses have had to embrace agility and adaptability to stay ahead. That's precisely where Fiverr plays a vital role—empowering these businesses to evolve into more flexible and nimble companies. We do this by connecting them with a wide array of experts who can cater to all sorts of unique needs. The Sweetshop truly brought this story to life, sprinkling it with optimism and humour.”

This article was first published 23 August, 2023.

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