New Partnership Between The Sweetshop and The Gardening.Club

22 June 2024

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LBB Online

The Sweetshop is set to unveil a partnership that marks a new chapter as they join forces with futurist Tomas Roope and renowned AI artist Jacqui Kenny.

The Sweetshop

The partnership is named The Gardening.Club, drawing upon the fact that Tomas has used the "gardening" metaphor for years to explain how A.I. is radically changing the creative process.

The creative duo heading The Gardening.Club have previously been in partnership with The Sweetshop with The Rumpus Room. Their work combined brands like Nike, Google and Coke with cultural icons such as Pharell Williams, Kobe Bryant, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, and One Direction via proprietary fan centric technologies that anecdotally inspired the early days of TikTok and Snapchat.

Melanie Bridge co-CEO of The Sweetshop, said:

“As a futurist Tom has a vision beyond what most people can imagine, and Jacqui's exquisite artistic sensibility ensures that we continue to push The Sweetshop’s legacy of craft to the highest level. We feel beyond lucky to work with these two as we navigate this new era which Tom equates to a monumental change as significant as the advent of the internet.”

At the heart of The Gardening.Club lies a commitment to change the perception that A.I. is merely a tool for efficiency and cost-reduction, it's a manifesto for the future of creativity, where technology, craft and integrity converge to create magic.

Jacqui and Thomas have been at the forefront of A.I. innovation since 2020. Roope was previously the group creative lead at Google Zoo, a creative think tank that works with Google's top clients and agencies.

Thomas said:

“It’s not often you live through a paradigm shift in creativity. We are moving into an era where we are not going to have to make the same choice between speed, price and quality. We are going to see things and hear from people we have never heard from before. It is going to be amazing. Though there are some uncertainties around rights and remuneration models, the genie is not going to be put back in the bottle as its future potential is far greater than the current obstacles"

Jacqui is solidified into the art world as an A.I. artist, her work has become hugely sought after showing in galleries in New York, she has had success in the web3 space, with three sold out NFT collections and has worked with brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Google and OpenAI. In 2016, Kenny launched 'The Agoraphobic Traveller,' a project that originated on Instagram and gained a massive following as @streetview.portraits.

Jacqui said:

“I have been using A.I. to create photographs and video since 2020 and over that time I have witnessed a rapid evolution in the tools. It is becoming clear that what has been evolving out of the world of A.I art is beginning to merge into a more commercial space, leading to the potential for some groundbreaking collaborations.”

Melanie said:

“As the world evolves The Sweetshop evolves with it. Since the inception of The Sweetshop, the core belief has always been that as co-creators ideas are and always will be the most important aspect in any production.”