11 July 2024

As a creative, AI is the most incredible way to get an idea out of your head, explore it, and make it better than you ever thought possible. AI is smart in many ways but needs a good idea and an artist's vision to produce truly groundbreaking results.

The Sweetshop

Melanie is leading The Sweetshop's focus on AI in partnership with Tom and Jacqui and has been learning AI filmmaking since the partnership began, with the aim of exploring her AI work in both commercials and long-format film, while guiding the company and its directors through all of the possibilities AI offers.

"From my work so far, I genuinely believe it is the most incredible tool for storytelling. I am already creating work"

Early in her career, Melanie’s remarkable eye for filmic detail and visionary mindset propelled her to great success in directing, including being selected in the Cannes Young Director Showcase and nominated as one of the top 100 directors in the world.

​Committed to fostering a culture of excellence, Melanie empowers individuals within The Sweetshop, serving as a mentor, guide, and source of inspiration. Her ability to nurture and support the team has been instrumental in the company's success. Her understanding of the creative process ensures that the company maintains its unique identity and pushes creative boundaries.

​Melanie is immensely proud that The Sweetshop is one of the few fully female and director-led film production companies in the world, as well as being well on the way to gaining full global B Corp certification.