08 July 2024

Jacqui has a long history with The Sweetshop, working alongside co-CEO Melanie Bridge as a creative for many years, then as co founder of The Rumpus Room with Tomas Roope.

Jacqui's focus with new company The will be as Creative director and AI talent curator.

The Sweetshop

In the ever-evolving intersection of art and AI technology, Jacqui Kenny stands out as a true innovator.Since 2020, Jacqui has embraced AI and NFTs, producing three sold-out collections and collaborating with brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton

Known for her groundbreaking project, "The Agoraphobic Traveller" Jacqui has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique vision and creative resilience.

Utilising Google Street View, she captured stunning snapshots of remote locations she couldn't physically visit due to agoraphobia, transforming personal limitations into a powerful narrative of overcoming obstacles through creativity. Her work quickly gained international acclaim, featuring in National Geographic, Vogue, The New Yorker, and Wired, and inspiring millions.

​Jacqui's latest projects continue to push the envelope. "Safety Behaviours," her upcoming collection, delves into deepfake technology, promising to explore new realms in digital art. She is also working on an experimental AI film funded by the British Art Council.