25 February 2024

In 2023 we've been working hard to make our offices greener. Here's what we've been doing tso far with plenty of new initiatives to come in 2024:

The Sweetshop


As part of our broader Environmental efforts, we have backdated environmental data for office electricity, waste, and water, as well as production based fuel use for generators back to the year 2022. We focused on collecting this specific data based on the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Emission Protocol.


We have set a lofty zero waste target for each of our global office spaces by 2025.

Each office has a set of appropriate waste stream bins for recycling, soft plastics (NZ only), organic waste compost, and hazardous waste.

By continually educating our people, all waste can be separated correctly and eventually we are aiming to reduce our landfill general waste to zero.


Alarmingly we discovered when first using our carbon calculator that airline travel was a considerable contributor to our global footprint, on average accounting for 31.25% of the total footprint - so we are at great pains to reduce the air travel associated emissions wherever possible.

In response we have launched an incentive to encourage economy class fares over business class fares when travelling on eligible flights. We have also pledged to offset all air travel by purchasing carbon credits through any airline facilitated schemes or a chosen credit vendor.


The Sweetshop are proud to provide healthy and sustainable snack options in all offices to help encourage wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. Our office kitchens are stocked with mainly unpackaged food items stored in re fillable containers. Our office cleaning products are all natural and in re fillable containers.


The UK team is a member of the shared working space called ‘The Conduit’ in London. The Conduit is a social enterprise consisting of people and businesses committed to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable future. Membership is contingent upon an application to meet their standards of impact. The Conduit is a community that provides thought leadership events and collaboration.


We have a global guide to ensure that all gifts and merchandise must be sustainable, ethically sourced, thoughtful and long lasting.


We were excited to open a brand new office in Bangkok in July 2023. Beginning with a bare canvas, we took pride in adorning the space entirely with either vintage or locally crafted furnishings. All locally crafted furniture was created locally using responsibly sourced or recycled wood.The office's interior design was curated to cultivate a serene atmosphere, incorporating natural wood elements and lush greenery. This deliberate aesthetic serves as a calming sanctuary amidst the bustling energy often associated with film production.