25 February 2024

Written by

co CEO Melanie Bridge

As we embark further on this journey, we have made a significant legal change to our constitution, representing a fundamental governance shift that will be central to our pivot, the main change being:

"The purpose of this company is to deliver returns to the shareholders whilst having an overall positive impact on society and the environment".

The Sweetshop


We have introduced key social and environmental elements of our governance to be formally reviewed at periodic board meetings. The board annually reviews the social and environmental key performance goals we have set ourselves, plus all results to ensure our progress.


We invite feedback and collaboration from our stakeholders at every step of our journey. We also seek to understand where every stakeholder is on their own personal journey so that we can align and collaborate wherever possible.


Regional B Corp goals are set annually by each management team, and progress is reported to the co CEO's and Financial Controller 6 monthly.


We have a nominated ‘B- Keeper’ within each regional office (5 in total). The employees chosen for this role are people that are excited to expand their learning into key social and environmental efforts related to our business. This B-Keeper role becomes part of their normal day job. The B-Keepers ensure on a monthly basis that their home office is on track with all of their B Corp goals, gather feedback, remind everyone of their responsibilities, and record all progress in our centralised data- base.