In Development:
Fox Boy

04 September 2023

Feature Film:

Paula Whetu-Jones

Cliff Curtis

The Sweetshop

During the Māori land wars of the 1860s, a six year-old Māori boy is stolen and becomes the property of one of the most powerful white men in NewZealand; who neither likes or wants him. Educated to believe the only way to survive is to forget who he is, he absorbs everything he is taught and finds solace in the captor’s wife- the only person who shows him any love and kindness... But his captors underestimate the connections he has to his own people, and theirs to him.

Developed with the support of the New Zealand Film Commission and in collaboration with Ngā Pike e Waru o Ngātau Omahuru no Ngāruahine.

Estimated to shoot April 2026.