We imagine Trevor a bit like a wig, he's a little bit silly but somehow pulls your whole outfit (or in this case - idea) together.

Sydney-based Trevor Clarence has been described as having the wit of Cristiano Ronaldo and the body of Will Ferrell. He loves making ads. People tend to love making ads with him. He has a past as a successful stand-up comedian, feature filmmaker, actor, musician and yoga teacher. Well, maybe not a successful yoga teacher, but he has some certificates.

But beneath the playful exterior lies a true storyteller. His narratives breathe with a freshness that captures attention and piques curiosity. Yet, his magic isn't just in the ideas; it's in the way he collaborates. Creative teams relish working with Trevor, as he brings that extra dash of creativity and humour to every project, always leaving his distinctive mark.

So, while Trevor might not be an actual wig, he's the enigmatic element that effortlessly ties everything together with humour and style. Trevor Clarence is the maestro who orchestrates brilliance, one frame at a time.

The Sweetshop