Long before he became a director, and probably before he even knew what the word ‘creativity’ meant, Simon Willows has been making things. From crafting custom cassette sleeves to building a life-sized spaceman to accompany him into his university interview, Simon would experiment with whatever he could get his hands on. It was inevitable that he would eventually pick up a camera. Once he did, he brought along his love for animation, stop-motion, puppetry, and illustration, creating a unique and eclectic filmmaking style.

Simon’s distinctive approach shone through in his first advert for Nike, where he puppeteered supermarket chickens, earning him a D&AD Pencil and establishing his reputation for humorous, heartfelt films. As Simon’s career progressed, he’s crafted memorable ads for brands like Cadbury’s, Prime Video, and Peugeot. His ability to blend genres and techniques has become his calling card, seen in projects ranging from in-camera tricks for Gumtree to CGI for McDonald's.

Today, Simon is celebrated for the warmth and inclusivity he fosters on set, meticulous preparation and his ability to bring scripts to life with creativity and charm. His creative versatility, collaborative spirit, and enthusiasm and curiosity that he brings to each project make him a sought-after director.

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