Rami Hachache’s love for comedy and filmmaking started at a young age. Coming from a family of Lebanese refugees, moving to the States when he was just a toddler, Rami recounts his early years as being marked by constant movement and chaos, using television as an escape

As a teenager, Rami spent his summer sneaking onto the Universal Studios backlot with a friend gaining an up-close glimpse into the magic of filmmaking. These experiences led him to start writing, filming and editing his own videos - and he never stopped. 

Fueled by a lifelong fascination with humour, he has weaved his comedic magic into commercial campaigns for global brands like Converse, Target, Old Navy, and Southwest Airlines. 

Rami co-created the social media sensation, ‘Kirby Jenner’ – Kendall Jenner’s elusive, imaginary fraternal twin. After the huge pick up on socials, he was brought on to direct and executive produce alongside Kendall and Kris Jenner to create “Kirby Jenner” an 8 episode scripted reality comedy series for Quibi. 

Rami has a deep love for both comedy and long form, his latest project is a Netflix series with comedian Tom Segura, a six episode dark comedy series that Rami will co-write, direct, and executive produce, his third collaboration with Segura.

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