Hailing from the Great White North, this comedic maestro has traded his snow shoes for sunglasses and traffic jams in the dazzling city of Los Angeles.

Michael started making documentaries and people thought he was making comedy. So he became a comedy director who makes television commercials that feel real. But stylish. Because he’s also a painter ( not a house painter) and he likes things to look nice. He’s obsessed with how to paint a perfect sky. And how to shape funny performances that feel effortless.

Michael's knack for subtle, observational humour is so sharp, a lot of people think he’s gone back to making documentaries. Which he hasn’t.

He currently has a comedy film that if the universe co-operates he will shoot this year. Which will be fun for him because he’s always wanted to make a movie that people watch on a screen and laugh.

He hasn’t ruled out moving back to Canada.

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