Melanie is one of the 3 Founding Partners and Global co-CEO of The Sweetshop. At the helm of the organization, Melanie's role as co-CEO keeps her busy at the top. However, her artistry still holds the power to occasionally draw her back into her former life as a Director, for those extra special projects.

As a director, Melanie's work is innovative and visually rich with a gift for capturing those fleeting, spontaneous moments that really touch the soul. With a background in photography, she has an extraordinary eye for art direction, design and play of light, endowing all of her work with an incredible cinematic quality.

One of her standout achievements is the 'Period Equity' campaign, featuring Amber Rose, which received recognition from The Drum as one of JWT's most impactful examples of activism spanning 150 years.

Melanie has won numerous international awards and was once named in Shots’ ‘Top 100 Directors in the World’.

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