Matthys’ dedication to storytelling is intrinsic. His artistic journey, marked by years of knowledge and creative exploration, has sculpted him into an extraordinary artisan and one of the most affable and patient directors you'll ever cross paths with.

Matthys is drawn to the variety that life has to offer, seeking adrenaline wherever he can, be that rock climbing, traversing mountain ranges in multi-day treks - from South Africa to Patagonia to Kashmir - armed with a backpack, tent, map and GPS, or cycling through the desert for days on end. He loves experiencing everything; coming alive in the wilderness and around other people (a true extrovert), and exploring the beauty of different cultures.

His films resonate with poignant themes, accompanied by compelling performances, always delivered with cinematic beauty. He has a specific affinity for working with actors; guiding them to find truth and honesty within themselves to which they give authentic expression.

His array of both feature-length and short films have triumphed, amassing a cascade of awards, including three SAFTAS. These cinematic gems traverse the globe, finding homes with eminent distributors like HBO, Amazon Prime, Encrypta, Showmax and Netflix.


The Sweetshop