Liz's passion is ‘to make stuff that gives people the feels’. She’s good at it too: named in Campaign’s ‘10 female directors you should know’ on account of her ability to elicit “stunning, emotional glimpses of life in all its peculiarities,”

Growing up in Australia, Liz's creative journey was set to the tunes of John Farnham and the rhythm of Dirty Dancing on repeat. At school, she made stop-motion Blu-Tak man movies and documentaries about her friends when she should have been doing her homework. 

As she stepped into adulthood, Liz's love affair with filmmaking continued to flourish. Her work is a seamless blend of tender emotions and artistic finesse. With a special fondness for narrative storytelling, Liz possesses the uncanny ability to capture life's fleeting moments in a way that is so relatable that it stops viewers in their tracks.

Liz stands out from the crowd of directors discussing the art of creating authentic moments. She has earned genuine recognition in the industry by skillfully bringing these moments to life on the screen.

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