Jakob once declared, "You can't save a bad ad with great cinematography but you can save a bad ad with great acting," a testament to his unwavering dedication to the art of storytelling through performance, Jakob is most often found amidst the actors on set, fervently drawing out genuine emotions rather than getting lost in trivial details at the monitor. It's a surprising twist, considering his reputation for an exquisitely cinematic and meticulously curated Scandi film aesthetic.

Jakob is a unique blend of intellect and humor, a rare combination that makes conversations with him both engaging and insightful. His insights and perspective are so captivating and original that they can reshape your view of the world.

Generosity flows through Jakob's veins, especially when it comes to acknowledging the contributions of his crew and collaborators in bringing his vision to life. His ability to assemble a top-notch team allows him to focus on crafting the most compelling story and guiding actors to their best performances.

Born and raised in the charming city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Jakob is not only a skilled director but also an exceptional writer. His distinctive directorial style marries heartfelt and often humorous storytelling with the meticulously curated Scandi film aesthetic for which he is renowned.

Unsurprisingly Jakob has been named both Sweden's and Norway’s ‘Best Commercial Director’ at the prestigious Roygalan and Gullbranson ceremonies.

Jakob always has a short film or two on the go and is currently in the throes of crafting his first feature film, a project that has us waiting with bated breath for the cinematic masterpiece that will surely emerge.


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