Here's the kicker: Their name, D.A.R.Y.L., isn't just an ordinary label. It's a nod to a random movie James and Ed watched the night prior to their first film company interview as eager young film-makers  – a split-second decision that birthed a name and a legacy.

James Hall and Edward Lovelace; the film-making duo that crossed paths at film school in Northern England, a chance encounter that would kick start their dynamic partnership,  James quietly noted Ed's passion for obscure '80s sci-fi flicks and grunge music during one of those round-the-table group chats and the friendship was formed. Little did they know, these quirky interests would fuel a remarkable career together.

Fast forward to post-film school days – they set up camp in a London flat, united by their passion for music. They started small, whipping up no-budget documentaries and rocking out content for their mates' bands. Then, in a plot twist worthy of Hollywood, the legendary producer Alan McGee, mastermind behind Oasis' fame, came knocking. With their trusty music compass, they ventured into the world of documentary filmmaking and commercials.

Fuelled by boundless curiosity and charm, this dynamic duo's work is like a treasure hunt for the heart of the human story. Their secret sauce? A deep understanding of how to capture the essence of a person on film, infusing authenticity and humanity into every project, whether it's a snappy TVC, a captivating documentary, or a full-blown feature film.

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