Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro might throw on their best New Yorker accents, but let's unveil the truth – these two are straight outta Jersey, their office just a couple of blocks from Tony Soprano's favorite hangout, the Badabing strip club. Yes, you read that right!

However, don't let the Jersey roots fool you – the only thing aggressive about this dynamic duo is their unyielding drive. Beyond their lively banter and friendly camaraderie lies an intense dedication to their craft. Best mates long before they became creative collaborators, their bond is palpable, and their sense of humor infectious.

Their energy is boundless, and their capacity for work is a force of nature. Each project is an intensive embrace, from conceptualization to live-shoot to design and post-production, ensuring every frame is a masterpiece.

Their own post-production company, boasting in-house 3D artists and animators, stands as a testament to their dedication. Yet, don't be surprised to find them on the frontline, sleeves rolled up and tools in hand.

Pioneers in technology, they embraced virtual XR LED screens and real-time gaming software way before it became the star of The Mandalorian. Alex and Dan were ahead of the curve, rocking that tech like pros before it was cool. This innovation changes the game, with backgrounds shifting in real-time magic for the camera's eye.

These men are seriously good people and we are in awe of their constant contribution to communities in need. AGGRESSIVE is actively working to provide support to Ukraine; they discovered that many artists were left without work, and from that seed, was born. – a venture both confronting and exquisite, weaving connections among those left with little, while empowering creative souls with the opportunity to earn income in their chosen fields.


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