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Top 20 of 2020

Directed by Nicolas Jack Davies, Starbucks 'What's Your Name' from Iris Worldwide has been included in the APA & shots' 'TOP 20 OF 2020' – the work that most impressed over the last 12 months.

shots published the following feature about the news.

APA & shots' Top 20 of 2020 revealed

The votes (all of them) have been counted, democracy has triumphed, and the 20 pieces of work that most impressed over the last 12 months, including that created in the lockdown months, are ready to be revealed.

There hasn't been much to endear the year of 2020 to the population of this planet.

We have lurched from one crisis to the next, with environmental concerns, political upheaval and, of course, the dreaded C-word to contend with.

But there are things to celebrate, and one of them is the outstanding work created by a slew of British companies over the last 12 months. With no APA Show in 2020, nor this year's edition of the shots Awards Europe, there has been an end-of-year vacuum in the advertising plaudits arena.

So, shots and the APA worked together to create the Top 20 of 2020, a free-to-enter competition that was open to moving image work of two-minutes or less, created over the last 12 months, and which was worked on by a UK company. Entries streamed in and were viewed and voted on by the APA council members and the shots editorial team. Now, out of 245 entries, the 20 pieces of work with the most votes can be revealed.

Click here to see the Top 20 of 2020

This article was first published by shots on 9th November 2020.