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Sweetshop & Green's new animated series "Bird's Eye View" airs in New Zealand

Bird's Eye View, the brand new animated series by Sweetshop & Green, is now on air and on demand in New Zealand.

Who doesn’t love a bit of people watching? New Zealand’s native birds entertain themselves by observing the absurd behaviours of everyday human beings, and they’ve got a lot to say about it.

These four feathered friends love to ponder and debate the weird and bizarre behaviours of humans in their natural habitat. Every day, they kōrero about all sorts of theories, trying to understand what these humans are getting up to. This misinterpretation leads to misguided attempts to put things right, which catapults them into adventure!

Sweetshop & Green’s animated eight-episode series ‘Bird’s Eye View’ made its debut on television screens across New Zealand on Monday 7th March.

The series was produced with TVNZ’s HEIHEI, Directed by Pete Circuitt and Jared Kahi, written by Nick Ward, Melanie Bracewell, Andrew Beattie and Te Waiarangi Ratana and in partnership with Studio Local. The series was made possible in Aotearoa with the support of the NZ Screen Production Grant, NZ On Air and NZ Film Commission.