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Green The Bid

Green The Bid has created the framework for widespread industry adoption and we are honoured that Sweetshop's Global Director of Productions Fiona King has been asked to join their Advisory Board.

Environmental measures in production are a responsibility for all of us. As part of their sustainability goals, big brands are beginning to step up and make their own contributions, and we are increasingly seeing production agreements that require shoots to be sustainable.

Green The Bid's Advisory Board plays an important role in providing expert guidance in building an inclusive, productive, and forward-thinking organization with key global alliances for ultimate effectiveness.

"We built Green The Bid off of our five founders' combined networks and individual experience,” comments Julian Katz, Co-Founder, Green The Bid. “Informing an Advisory Board, we seek to expand our network and broaden our offering through the influence and perspectives of all our member sectors - brands, agencies, production companies, crew vendors and post companies - as well as from outside of the immediate commercial production ecosystem."

Green The Bid launched in October, 2020, and currently has a membership of nearly 80 supporting entities and organizations.

Read more about it here.