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David Reviews: Five Stars for WorkSafe

Worksafe 'Sense It, Stop It' directed by Mark Albiston from FCB New Zealand has received a Five Star review from David Reviews.


"Sense It, Stop It"

Health and safety goes, er, furry in this quirky outing that urges New Zealand staff to think on their feet. Rather than stick to the established rules and assume they'll cover every eventuality, these factory workers are aided by some alert little companions to stay on their toes and get ahead of the situation when one of their colleagues is in danger.

The comedy here is well judged by director Mark Albiston, who doesn't lean too heavily on slapstick - something that's quite the feat for an ad which culminates in a clipboard-toting bloke being forcibly escorted to a bed of packing peanuts. Rather, the ad's humour comes from many directions: aerobic language learning, meerkat supervisors, and a mad dash to maintain safety.

Between the charm of CG mongooses and dramatic tension from an approaching forklift, this is an attention-grabbing piece of work which should successfully encourage vigilance in the workplace. To save the innocent clipboards, if nothing else.

This article was first published by David Reviews on 29 October 2020.