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David Reviews: Five Stars for Pets at Home

No-one enjoys a pandemic, per se, but retailer Pets At Home have cause for celebration. £1 billion sales stem from an upsurge in pet ownership, and this 80" film celebrates the deepened bond between humans and animals.

Scored by 'It Must Be Love', the ad shows how cats, dogs, lizards, guinea pigs, and fish become part of the family. It's not all glamour - toilet training will push even the staunchest animal lover to their limits - but the overall tone is one of gratification.

Crucially, the brand also demonstrate how they can help in an emergency, when a pet is ill or goes missing. Not every owner is prepared for such events, with often dire consequences; and the retailer wish to give every household a fighting chance.

This article was published by David Reviews on 28 May 2021.