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Lights, Camera, Diversity

With diverse representation in the field of directors still an issue despite many industry initiatives to change the ratio, Sweetshop’s Liz Murphy joined The Drum’s Can Do Festival ‘Lights, Camera, Diversity!’ panel, hosted by Charlotte McEleny, to discuss what it will take to get more diversity behind the camera.

During the session, Liz reminisces about being told females make better producers than directors and how it ignited a passion in her to fight against such a perception. She describes the positive changes she’s seen in more recent times – from the demand to see more diversity both on and off screen, to being encouraged to call out any problematic behaviour on set.

Liz was joined by:
Catherine Lees-Millais, director, MediaMonks
Charlotte McEleny, deputy and Asia Pacific editor, The Drum
Meena Ayittey, film director, Great Guns
Eileen Hanna, Baileys marketing manager, Diageo PLC

Along with the other panel members, Liz talks about the importance of looking outside the ’usual industry circles’ to discover and encourage new talent, also suggesting that the more we listen to, read or watch the media that we aren't necessarily used to, the more demand we'll see for a wider range of it.

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