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Gumtree sacks off the salesman with Good Finds

In a humorous series of films, Sweetshop's Jim Hosking and Wieden+Kennedy London find sellers narked off by naffness.

One of the many benefits of shopping online is avoiding the ever-present, ever-annoying, over-keen salesperson.

Noting this and turning it to its humourous advantage is Gumtree's enjoyable new campaign Good Finds.

Proudly stating No Salespeople, No Frills and No Sexy Hairy Man, the six-part series of films from Wieden & Kennedy London, directed by Jim Hosking and produced through , fully embraces the naffness of the hard-sell in a lo-fi, entertaining fashion.

“It’s great when you get to work with a brand that embraces who they are," comments Creative Directors Philippa Beaumont and Freddy Taylor. "Gumtree isn’t perfect but it is full of ‘Good Finds’ and that’s that.

"No bells and whistles, no unnecessary guff and no-frills. They don’t need it, they are and always have been about making ‘Good Finds’ happen, in their own special way, blurry photos, basic descriptions and a few thumbs obscuring the lens."

This article was first published by Shots on 28 May 2021.