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Black Lives Matter

Youness Benali channels the frustrations, confusion and hurt of the black experience, making an impassioned plea to the world in his powerful polemic ‘The Composer’.

Watch the film here.

“No words that I'll write, will ever come close to express what my heart feels when it comes to the injustice and the systematic racism that lives ingrained in our society. There is a blindness in this world that needs to be challenged, revoked, and changed.

We as human citizens have an obligation not just to ourselves, but to everyone in our society. We have to change, we have to realize that the issue is not them, it's us. The fault lies within ourselves, no one will change you, but you and if you change, we change. If we change, the world changes with us.

If we don't change, then I'm afraid that my film 'The Composer' will ring as true as it does today in fifty years. That's not acceptable. People shouldn't have to die for change to happen. Injustice, systematic racism shouldn't have to be challenged just because it was caught on camera. We need to change. We need to change now. So please open your eyes, please see the world for what it is and let's change.

George Floyd, rest in peace."

Youness Benali