Jim is a tall scarecrow with a resonant voice that sounds like a large frog speaking while trapped at the bottom of a very deep well.

Jim likes to make stuff that reeks of humanity and spontaneity and freshness and; dare we use the word fizz? No we dare not.

Jim believes his filmography to be yes a little oddball and zesty but also surprisingly heartfelt and poignant and magical. Yes, it is magical. But this is real magic. Not fake magic. So relax in the knowledge that the magic you see in Jim’s work is real. In fact, it’s so magical it’s actually been declared to be witchcraft by the British Government’s How-Magical-Is-It Government Department. 

Jim has had four projects at the Sundance Film Festival. Two feature films — The Greasy Strangler and An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn. The short film Renegades and the TV show Tropical Cop Tales.

He has won awards in Advertising for his work for 118 118. You may remember this as two runners with the numbers 118 and 118 on their running vests.

Jim has also won a BIFA Award (British Independent Film Award) for The Greasy Strangler and also won an Empire Magazine Film Award for Best Comedy for The Greasy Strangler, which was also called Maybe The Weirdest Film ever by the New York Times.